moda 2014 for women - Trussardi Pre-Fall 2014

I have noticed casual elegance Trussardi Barbie in the latest pre- fall 2014 lookbook Group . Inspired by the creative director of the label Gaia Trussardi By the late 1960's out of the closet stylish young woman eccentric as a person who lives in a free -spirited San Francisco . This is what I call inspiration , is not it? Therefore, kept Trussardi so relaxed and youthful , as you can see from the pictures below, in preparation for the new season comes with a plaid warm jackets and blazers , and long coats (shearling), leather jackets, black double-breasted (it seems tailor-made for me ) and some seem evening. Was a personal favorite leather pants and men's clothing that inspired outfit with a gray jacket . Well, as you or me, then I really love those patterns , as each one of them has a practical side that makes these clothes so relaxed it should be.

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